ENGAGE final project workshop

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The CONCERT Coordinator forwards you the following message from ENGAGE for your information.

Enhancing stakeholder participation in the governance of radiological risks for improved radiation protection and informed decision making

ENGAGE is a multi-disciplinary project, funded under the H2020 CONCERT European Joint Programme, and aiming at developing theory, practice and guidelines for stakeholder engagement in radiological protection. It examines three fields in detail: medical exposures to ionizing radiation, post-accident exposures, and exposure to indoor radon.

The ENGAGE project objectives are to

  1. answer the questions why, when and how are stakeholders engaged in radiation protection issues;
  2. develop novel approaches to analyzing stakeholder interaction and engagement;
  3. investigate processes for enhancing radiation protection culture and their role in facilitating stakeholder engagement; and
  4. provide recommendations and build a knowledge base for stakeholder engagement in radiation protection.

The workshop builds on the recognition of stakeholder engagement as an essential ingredient in the governance of radiological risk. But how is stakeholder engagement achieved? Whom should it include and why? How can it inform radiation protection practices and decision making? This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss these and related questions, with the aim of stimulating more effective and democratic governance of radiological risks.

Specifically, the workshop aims are:

  • To share findings from the ENGAGE project and stimulate mutual learning;
  • To collect feedback on recommendations for enhanced stakeholder participation in the abovementioned three fields.

While there is no registration fee, dissemination workshop participation is limited to a maximum of 100 participants and registration is required by filling the online registration form on the ENGAGE website (http://www.engage-concert.eu/ or directly http://www.engage-h2020.eu/en/Events/ENGAGE-final-project-workshop) before the registration deadline.

So do not wait to sign up for the ENGAGE workshop!


Important dates

  • Second announcement/Programme: May 31, 2019
  • Registration deadline: June 30, 2019
  • Final project workshop: September 11-13, 2019

For further information please contact:

the hosted Coordinator (Tatiana Duranova – tatiana.duranova@vuje.sk)


the ENGAGE project (engage@sckcen.be).

You can also download the first announcement at the NERIS web page www.eu-neris.net

or with the following link :