Task 7.2: Education and training as an essential part of dissemination and knowledge management within CONCERT

(Lead by Geza Safrany, NRIRR, Hungary)

In collaboration with WP 2 (development of SRAs) and WP 3 (Joint priority setting) E&T will be promoted as an integral part of all funded RTD research projects. Proposals will be encouraged to include provision for:

  • PhD thesis work; where possible students from new member states shall be encouraged to qualify for PhD Programmes.
  • MSc project work; project partners will be encouraged to liaise with universities offering MSC Programmes in scientific disciplines required for radiation protection research to provide supervised projects.
  • Offering short courses (1-3 weeks) or teaching seminars on the new science/technology being used or developed (in collaboration with Task 7.3)

Courses, seminars, and student opportunities within the RTD projects will be coordinated by this task and promoted through the EJP website.

More information: safrany.geza@osski.hu