Task 7.5: European integration of junior scientist career development

(Lead by Michael Atkinson. HMGU, Germany)

This task is designed to reverse or at least slow the decline in competence in radiation protection throughout Europe.  There are many activities supported by learned societies and national governments to recruit and train graduate-level students, but almost no concerted effort to retain these qualified individuals within the research and stakeholder communities.  These subtasks will encourage successful students to remain in the research area through one-to-one contact.

  • Subtask 7.5.1 Initiate and encourage interaction between CONCERT, the platforms and the EURAYS association of junior radiation research scientists.
  • Subtask 7.5.2 Establish a cross-border network of mentoring for junior scientists based on a selection and mentor-mentee matching Programme.
  • Subtask 7.5.3 Conduct career days for junior scientists during CONCERT meetings, to include meetings with senior scientists, job fair, career advice and networking.
  • Subtask 7.5.4 Hold “Meet the Professor” lunches during international conferences held in Europe (including the IRPA, ERR, ICRR, MELODI and DoReMi meetings), to allow junior scientists contact with leaders in the community from academia and stakeholders, regulators and policy makers.
  • Subtask 7.5.5 Establish the NEWS network to facilitate dialogue between junior faculty members in new and established member states.

More information: atkinson@helmholtz-muenchen.de