AIR² - the March edition

In the spotlight: dr. Fieke Dekkers (RIVM), alpha particles irradiator (ISS), calibration laboratory (KIT) and Symbiose (IRSN)

AIR² - a special issue

This first special issue is dedicated to the 3 projects selected from the first CONCERT Call: CONFIDENCE, LDLensRad and TERRITORIES.

AIR² - the February edition

In the spotlight: Radon & Thoron Dosimetry, Chernobyl Tissue Bank and HZDR Radioanaly,cal Laboratories

AIR² - the December edition

Nanoparticle Inhalation Facility, Biobank of Eastern Finland and the Analytical Platform of the PREPARE Project.

AIR² - the September edition

In the spotlight: the ALLIANCE, facility radionuclides availability, transfer and migration, INWORKS cohort and France Génomique.

AIR² - the June edition

In the spotlight: EURADOS, mixed alpha and X-ray exposure facility, Elfe cohort and the ERICA tool

AIR² - the May edition

In the spotlight: E&T WP within CONCERT, CIRIL, Portuguese Tinea Captis cohort and LDRadStats-Net

AIR² - the April edition

In the spotlight: Simon Bouffler (WP5), Biological Irradiation Facility, Wildlife Transfer Database and LDRstatsNet