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Second call

Open consultation on draft priority texts proposed by Radiation Protection Research Platforms and experts in Social Sciences and Humanities

The CONCERT Management Board decided to organise two call topics, each covering 3 sub-topics.

The proposed Call Topic 1, entitled “Health” covers (1) low dose effects, (2) dosimetry and (3) radiation protection related to medical application of ionising radiation. 

The proposed Call Topic 2 covers research related to (1) Environment, (2) Emergency and (3) Social sciences and humanities (SSH). Proposals addressing the SSH subtopic can cover different exposure situations and categories of exposures, thus not necessarily limited to environment and emergency.

The budget for CONCERT Call 2 Topic 1 and Call Topic 2 will be fixed in the final call text, planned to be launched early 2017. Allocation of funding of topic 1 and 2 will take into account the funding outcome of the 1st call. Allocation of funding will be announced in the final call text.

It is suggested that project proposals may answer one or more sub-topics from one big call topic when appropriate. Other call conditions will be further determined following the outcome of the 1st CONCERT call.

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