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In January 2019 we informed you that the European Commission was planning a peer review of the CONCERT EJP by independent external experts. This special mid-term review of CONCERT was recommended in the interim evaluation report of the Euratom Research and Training Programme 2014 – 2018 published on December 1, 2017.

The CONCERT review took place on 27/03/2019 in Brussels and covered all CONCERT activities carried out so far.

The objective of the review was to assess the work of CONCERT and of the activities funded by CONCERT such as research projects and E&T activities. The review evaluated the proper use of resources, the management procedures and methods of the project, the degree of fulfilment of the project work plan for the relevant period. The review will include recommendations to the European Commission.

Here you can access the presentations given by the CONCERT coordination team, work package leaders, and representatives of POM, research platforms and selected research projects at the meeting. The reviewers will prepare now a written report issuing the overall assessment, the fulfilment of objectives, the review on impact and implementation of the programme.

The first feedback at the end of the reviewing meeting was utmost positive. The reviewers concluded that CONCERT is a very successful project despite it is the first of its kind in radiation protection research. The overarching issues of CONCERT, to create an integrated research area is accomplished very well and interdisciplinary integration was well addressed. They also recognised the management challenges and found that CONCERT is really managed successfully and can be seen as a role model for what can be achieved.

Regarding the joint programming issue, here the reviewers placed particular emphasis on the agreed roadmaps of the research platforms as positive instruments. Next to the reviewers the EC project officer for CONCERT congratulated CONCERT for this first feedback from the reviewers which confirmed his experience and view on CONCERT.

The coordinator has received the report of evaluation that can be viewed here.

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