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Joint programming

Lead: Nathalie Impens, SCK•CEN, Belgium
Contact: ejp-concert-sck [at] sckcen [dot] be

Nathalie Impens

Work Package 3 assembles the research needs identified by the radiation protection research community and its stakeholders. The ultimate objective of this Work Package is to develop a joint list of priority topics plus an associated roadmap with regard to radiation protection research. The joint list of priority topics will form the basis of open research calls in 2016 and 2017 and at the same time encourages technical and scientific cooperation on national and European level between Radiation Protection Research Platforms, research institutes, universities and other stakeholders. The outcome of the WP3 efforts feeds directly into the CONCERT call administration organised by WP4.

Radiation protection research addresses all types of exposure scenarios and relies on even more research disciplines. Radiation protection research platforms in low dose effects (MELODI), radioecology (ALLIANCE), dosimetry (EURADOS) and emergency preparedness and response (NERIS) as well as experts addressing radiation protection issues in medical use of ionising radiation are supported by WP2 to update their strategic research agendas to feed the highest priority topics into WP3.

  • WP3 used a kaleidoscopic approach to define joint call priorities in such a way to support state of the art research in radiation protection, addressing questions of concern to the society that are only performable with efforts on a pan-European scale.

    It goes without saying that WP3 cannot reach its goal without the input of stakeholders (WP5) that contribute to radiation protection in all its perspectives. Specific issues related to access to research infrastructures (WP6), and education and training (WP7) receive special attention in the call conditions. 

  • After consulting all these experts an initial list with joint call priorities and call conditions was established through active interaction with the national Programme Owners and Managers, the radiation protection research platforms and the CONCERT Management Board.  This initial list was again fine-tuned during an open consultation organised during the MELODI Workshop on 11 November 2015, and presented to the CONCERT Management Board for their final approval on 12 November 2015.  Upon approving the call priorities and call conditions, the CONCERT Management Board submitted them to WP4 where these are used as source for the open calls.

    During the second year of CONCERT, a strategy towards a joint roadmap in radiation protection research will be established.

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