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Agencia Porguguesa do Ambiente IP



The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) is the Public Institute under the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment, responsible for proposing, developing and monitoring the implementation of environmental and sustainable development policies in Portugal.

Within the Portuguese legal framework, APA is the Technical Intervention Authorities (ATI) competent in all radiological emergencies that result or may result in risk to the population and to the environment, including circumstances arising from the exercise of former mining practices concerning radioactive ore. An ATI is defined as an institution responsible for coordinating actions involving the radiological aspects of radiological and nuclear emergencies, from the initial notification till the end of a radiological emergency, in which all players have finished their response action.

Besides the more general competences stated above, the Portuguese legal framework assigns APA with other competences such as: following nuclear safety aspects; the operation of an online, real-time, alert radiological monitoring network (RADNET); acting as National Contact Point for a Radiological and Nuclear Emergency abroad; recommending corrective measures to protect the population and the environment in case of a radiological emergency.

The APA has been involved in EC framework programmes and has been an active partner in projects such as EURANOS and PREPARE. The APA is a member of NERIS, WPNEM of NEA/OCDE and EPReSC of IAEA.

Role in the project

The APA participates in the EJP CONCERT both in its capacity as an end user of radiation protection research outputs and as a research partner providing input of its research needs as a Technical Intervention Authority.

In the EJP CONCERT, APA will contribute to Work Package 2.

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