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Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz, Germany



BfS is an independent body belonging to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and was founded in 1989. It is divided into four departments: Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Waste Management, Radiation Protection and Health, and Radiation Protection and Environment. BfS works for the safety and protection of man and the environment against damage due to ionising and non-ionising radiation. BfS is the manager for the national radiation protection research programme on behalf of the German Ministry for the Environment.

Role in the project

BfS coordinates the EJP CONCERT. Given its strong involvement in radiation protection in Germany from development and implementation radiation protection standards to radiation protection research, and its commitment to radiation protection research in Europe, documented in its active participation in the research platforms MELODI, ALLIANCE, NERIS and EURADOS, BfS is involved in many different tasks in CONCERT. BfS leads WP1 (Management and Administration) and participates in all other WP.

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