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DEMA, Denmark

Danish Emergency Management Agency



The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is a Danish governmental agency under the Ministry of Defence. DEMA's mission is to cushion the effects of accidents and disasters on society and to prevent harm to people, property and the environment. DEMA is responsible for the Danish National Fire and Rescue Service, which consists of six national fire and rescue centers with permanent employees, conscripts and volunteers. The fire and rescue centers are able to assist local fire and rescue services, the police and other authorities in the case of major or prolonged accidents or disasters including nuclear emergencies. The Nuclear Division at DEMA is responsible for the Danish nuclear preparedness, which includes nuclear emergency planning, training, national exercises, a nation-wide automatic monitoring system, several car- and airborne measuring systems and use and development of the decision support system ARGOS.

Main tasks

Key personnel at DEMA have a good knowledge of every aspect of nuclear emergency preparedness and contingency planning. Especially, we are able to introduce advanced use of decision support systems and dispersion models into the project through the use and development of the ARGOS system, which has been developed in a close collaboration with PDC-ARGOS and Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). DEMA will follow developments in work packages, with special focus on WP2 and WP3 and pass information to our Danish partners, namely PDC-ARGOS and DMI. We believe that we among other things can contribute to dissemination of project results into the Nordic countries which we have a close cooperation with."

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