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Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority



The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) is the competent national authority in the area of radiation protection and nuclear safety in Norway. The DSA is responsible for:

  • overseeing the use of radioactive substances and fissile material
  • coordinating contingency plans against nuclear accidents and radioactive fallout
  • monitoring natural and artificial radiation in the environment and at the workplace
  • increasing our knowledge of the occurrence, risk and effects of radiation

The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is organized under the Ministry of Health and Care Services. It provides assistance to all ministries on matters dealing with radiation, radiation protection and nuclear safety. In addition to its role as a national authority, the DSA also participates extensively in national and international research projects on all relevant topics such as radioecology, emergency preparedness and response, food safety, medical uses of radiation, epidemiology and non-ionizing radiation. Of the 120 staff members of the DSA, 60 people are involved in research and development along with their governmental duties. The DSA is a partner in the Centre for Environmental Radioactivity (CERAD), a Norwegian Centre of Excellence. It has been involved in numerous EC projects since FP4 and is currently an active partner in projects such as COMET, DoReMi, EPI-CT, EURALOC, MetroNORM, PREPARE, RENEB, SEMI-NUC, and STAR. The DSA is a member of the ALLIANCE, NERIS, EURAMET and HERCA.

Role in the project

The DSA participates in the EJP CONCERT both in its capacity a research center and as an end user of radiation protection research, providing input of its research needs as a regulatory authority. The DSA will contribute to Work Packages 2, 3, and 6.

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