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Eidgenoessisches Departement Des Innern



FOPH  is a regulatory body belonging to the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs. FOPH is responsible for social health and accident insurance, regulations for chemicals, medicines, legislation in the areas of biosafety, research on humans and transplantation medicine, health promotion, national programs combating addiction and sexually transmitted diseases, radiation protection, and the regulation of university medical and health professionals. Furthermore, we represent the interests of Switzerland in health matters in international organisations and towards other countries. FOPH is responsible for the radiation protection legislation and its implementation aiming to protect people and environment.

Role in the project

FOPH coordinates the EJP CONCERT at the Swiss level given its strong involvement in radiation protection in Switzerland from development and implementation of radiation protection standards to radiation protection research. Its active participation in the research platforms MELODI, NERIS, EURADOS and in working groups of international organisations (WHO, ILO, ICRP, UNSCEAR, IAEA and HERCA) is the basis of its role as POM in the project.

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