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GLOWNY Instytut Gornictwa



GIG is located in Katowice, the administrative centre of Silesia, a mining and industrial region in southern Poland and is a research and development institute, working for mining industry, local authorities and environment protection business. Waste management, water and air protection are current specific research areas of GIG. The tasks related to radioprotection and radioecology are run by the Silesian Centre for Environmental Radioactivity (SCRS). The SCRS team has been involved in the problems caused by NORM at industrial and post-industrial areas for many years. The team has extensive experience in radiation measurements, occupational risk assessment and monitoring of the environmental impact related to the anthropogenic and enhanced natural radioactivity. Since Poland decided to develop the first NPP GIG has been involved in preparatory works related to environmental aspects of nuclear industry. GIG is the manager for the national radiation protection research program on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Role in the project

GIG is prepared to promote and support all scientific, practical and legal issues related to NORM in frame of research needs identified by the radiation protection research community and all stakeholders. Being involved in many NORM related events SCRS GIG will give voice to needs and expectations of quite large group of institutions and individuals actively dealing with NORM (WP2).  Based on experience gathered for long-term cooperation with NORM industry as well as activity carried out in EC-funded projects GIG is prepared to encourage technical and scientific cooperation between Radiation Protection Research Platforms aimed at adjustment of already developed scientific tools to needs expressed by NORM industry operators and practical aspects of planned research activity (WP3). Experience gathered during three-years operation of the first observatory site set in frame of STAR NoE enables GIG share with other partners know how concerning maintenance of any further observatory site. Moreover, this experience let GIG evaluate effectively new observatory sites and set appropriate criteria that must be fulfilled in order to use an observatory site for specific scientific purposes (WP6).

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