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MedUni Vienna

Medical University of Vienna, Austria



The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical research institution in Austria. It was founded in 1365 as a Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna and has operated as an independent institution in the scope of autonomous university and self administration since 2004. MedUni Vienna is now one of the world's largest and most renowned medical Universities. Research on the risk of low doses of ionising radiation is included in a variety of research activities at MedUni Vienna. A central structure covering this research focus is the Radiobiology Laboratory of the Department of Radiation Oncology, together with the Christian-Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for Medical Radiation Research for Radiation Oncology. As radiooncological therapies essentially are associated with exposure of large normal tissue volumes to low radiation doses, research on this topic is an integral part of the activities in these laboratories.

Role in the project

MedUni Vienna contributes to WP7. To respond to the challenge of developing and maintaining new competence, there is a need for support of E&T in the sciences underpinning radiation protection in general, and in particular specific research areas such as the hazards from low-dose radiation, medical applications of ionising radiation, radioecology, emergency and recovery management and dosimetry.

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