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Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary



MTA-EK was established in January 2012 based on two former independent institutions, the KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Institute of Isotopes. The Research Centre is part of the research network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The mission of the Centre for Energy Research is to perform research and development in the field of nuclear science and technology for facilitating the adoption and the safe use of nuclear technology in Hungary. The Centre also participates in international research efforts aiming at the establishment of a new generation of nuclear power plants and at closing the fuel cycle. Additional research areas are isotope and nuclear chemistry, radiation protection, radiography, radiation chemistry, low dose risk research, nuclear security, renewable energy research and the study of the interaction of radiation with matter. The Research Centre is divided into three institutes: the Atomic Energy Research Institute, the Institute for Energy Security and Environmental Safety and the Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science. MTA-EK is the host institute of the Budapest Neutron Centre consortium. MTA-EK is the member of the MELODI the EURADOS and the NERIS platforms.

Role in the project

MTA-EK is one of the two programme managers from Hungary in this EJP CONCERT Proposal. Research in the field of radiation protection especially dosimetry and low dose effect and also safety analysis has tradition in the Centre. Its commitment to radiation protection research and safety analysis is indicated by its active participation in the research platforms of MELODI, EURADOS and NERIS. MTA-EK is involved in several tasks in CONCERT. Especially, in integration and SRA development in radiation protection research (WP2), priority research and joint programming needs in the perspective of European integration (WP3), exposure facilities in the access to infrastructures work package (Task 6.1), finally in education and training (WP7). We are also project partners in CONFIDENCE proposal of the first call of CONCERT. Formerly MTA-EK had a key role in the organisation of radiation protection education in Hungary.

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