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National Centre of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Bulgaria



The National Centre of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (NCRRP) was established in 1963 as a research organisation and a specialized body of the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria responsible for all issues concerning health protection of population from ionizing radiation. The main activities of NCRRP include research, training, health and environmental monitoring, radiation and health control in nuclear energy; national dosimetry system and register; body content of radioactive substances; control of public exposure and assessment of risk; biomonitoring of radiation exposed population groups; radiation protection from medical exposure; biological dosimetry; control on foodstuff irradiation. NCRRP has five Departments: Radiobiology, Radiation Medicine, Radiation Protection at Medical Exposure, Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Control. NCRRP researchers are partners in: FP6 SENTINEL; FP7 RANEB “European net for biological dosimetry (2012-2015); FP7 RACE “Radiation background of Black Sea coastal environment”; EC (DDM2) “Study of collective doses of European population in medical exposure“. NCRRP has good practices providing lectures. NCRRP is the only organisation in the country accredited to provide education of PhD students in radiobiology, medical physics and radiation hygiene. The NCRRP has a licence from the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency to teach specialised training in radiation protection for permission to work with ionizing radiation. NCRRP is the only place to provide post-graduate education in radiobiology, medical physics and radiation hygiene for medical and non-medical specialists. Thematic national or regional courses are also organised. NCRRP has experience in performing public lectures for school students and teachers on topics in the field of radiation risk and protection. NCRRP is a place for students to prepare their MSc thesis using the facility and experts of the Centre. NCRRP is in collaborations with relevant departments and experts from Medical University of Sofia, University “St. Kliment Ohridski”-Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Military Medical Academy

Role in the project

Given strong engagement in radiation protection research, education and training for Master degree, PhD and post graduate in Radiobiology, Medical Physics and Radiation Hygiene for medical doctors, biologists, physicists, chemists etc. NCRRP contributes to the WP7 of this project focusing on integration and cooperation and contribute to organisation of training courses and seminars on the themes involved.

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