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Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie - Centre d’etude de l’Energie Nucleaire, Belgium

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The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN is a Foundation of Public Utility with a legal status according to private law. It is situated in Brussels and Mol, Belgium. The operational means comprise an annual grant for operations and investments provided on the federal government and income resulting from contract research and services. It has no shareholders. An independent Board of Governors appointed by the government governs it. A scientific advisory committee advises the Board on strategic issues. Its statutory activities are:

  1. give priority to research related to safety, radioactive waste management, protection of man and environment, management of fissile and other strategic materials and social implications as part of the pursuit of sustainable development;
  2. develop, gather and spread the necessary knowledge through training and communication;
  3. perform all services that are asked for in the domain in question, especially by the nuclear industry, the medical sector and the government;
  4. make the necessary multidisciplinary scientific contacts concerning the energy problem. Furthermore, it has links to non-radiation protection associations of interest to CONCERT, such as IGDTP and SNETP.

Role in the project

SCK•CEN leads WP3, given its experience in the organisation of the priorities for the second OPERRA call and given its central role in MELODI, ALLIANCE, EURADOS and NERIS. SCK•CEN is therefore also actively participating in WP2. Furthermore SCK•CEN is active in WP1 (workspace and website), WP5 , WP6 and WP7.

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