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Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

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The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) reports to the Ministry of the Environment and has a mandate from the Swedish Government. The Authority works proactively and preventively in order to protect people and the environment from the undesirable effects of radiation. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority provides funding for both basic and applied research within the areas of nuclear safety, radiation protection and nuclear non-proliferation. Part of the funding is through open calls organized and managed by the Authority. Many of the funded projects provide direct assistance to the work of the Authority and give essential input so that decision-making and recommendations rest on scientific grounds. External undertakings and institutions such as universities, colleges and consulting firms are the main organisations conducting research assignments on behalf of the Authority. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is a member of MELODI, ALLIANCE and EURADOS platforms.

Role in the project

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is involved in organisation and management of CONCERT open RTD calls within WP4.

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