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Sateilyturvakeskus, Finland

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STUK is the national authority in radiation protection and nuclear safety and carries out research related to various fields of radiation protection. In addition, STUK is the expert body related to emergency preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies. STUK is an accredited laboratory in radioactivity measurements and has trained new Member States in establishing quality systems for environmental laboratories.

STUK is chairing the National Consortium for Radiation Safety Research (Cores) between STUK and nine Finnish universities. The Cores members have jointly prepared the Finnish National Radiation Safety Research Programme, describing the research needs and the role of each member.  STUK has played a central role in the creation of European Strategic Research Agendas and research platforms in the Euratom research and training program. STUK has participated in numerous European research and expert projects [FP4, FP5, FP6 (EURANOS, RISC-RAD, TMT Handbook, INTERPHONE, NOTE, RADINSTAB, SEMIPALATINSK), FP7 (DoReMi, OPERRA, COMET, CARDIORISK, EpiRadBio, EPI-CT, STAR, NERIS-TP, SecurEau), Inco Copernicus, TACIS and PHARE] and has acted as a coordinator in a number of these. STUK is the founding member of MELODI, NERIS and ALLIANCE. STUK is also member of EURADOS and an associated member in EURAMET. STUK is member of HERCA and has links to a wide range of stakeholders involved in radiation protection, nuclear safety and nuclear waste management.

Role in the project

In CONCERT, STUK was leading WP2 Integration and SRA development in radiation protection research during the first project year (before transfer to UEF). STUK participates in Tasks 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 by providing input to the SRA working groups, as well as in Task 2.5 and in Task 2.7 because STUK representative participates in HERCA’s Medical Applications group, and STUK is responsible of the implementation of BSS in Finland. STUK also participates in the WP3 work for joint priority setting and call preparation; WP5 stakeholder survey preparation (year 1) and WP6 Infrastructures.

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