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Statni ustav radiacni ochrany, Czech Republic



SURO is a public research institution and technical support organisation in radiation protection founded by State Office for Nuclear Safety (SONS). SURO providing SONS with research, expertise, methodologies and coordinates the main part of Czech radiation monitoring network. SURO is divided into four departments: Emergency Planning and Response, Radiation Monitoring Laboratory, Natural Radiation Exposure and Medical Exposure, SURO performs R&D in all these branches of radiation protection including epidemiology research. SURO is an accredited laboratory in radioactivity measurements and training places for IAEA trainees, member of NERIS, participates in EURADOS and MELODI. SURO is the Project Manager for the national radiation protection research programme on behalf of State Office for Nuclear Safety.

Role in the project

SURO participates in WP2 SRA and WP5 Stakeholder Involvement and Communication in Radiation Protection Research, particularly group in radon prone areas and emergency.

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