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Uni Pavia

University PAVIA, Italy

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The University of Pavia is one of the oldest European Universities and one of the most qualified in Italy regarding its scientific productivity and the quality of its education and research. Uni Pavia is a “Centre of Excellence” for research in several fields including Biology and Medicine. Research activity is carried out in 18 large Departments, and in Clinics, Centres and Laboratories. All of them strictly co-operate with State companies and private firms and Enterprises. Each Department runs PhD and Master programmes. Several groups have demonstrated strong expertise in the contest of low-dose radiation research/teaching, participating to National and European projects. The Radiation Biophysics and Radiobiology group and the Molecular and Cellular Biology group carry out their research activities at the Department of Physics and at the Department of Genetics and Microbiology (in collaboration with other laboratories of the University) and their teaching activities in the Faculty of Medicine and in the Faculty of Science. The research activities are focused on developing models and simulations and in performing experiments to study radiation-induced damage, from the initial energy deposition to biological end points particularly for low-dose radiation effects and health risk.

Role in the project

Uni Pavia has had a role in setting radiation research priorities in medical applications, both in the FP7 ALLEGRO project and in OPERRA, and leads Task 2.5 in the development of an SRA with the medical community. Following experience in leading the work package on Education and Training in DoReMi, and involvement in E&T related tasks in OPERRA, Uni Pavia leads WP7 on Education and Training. Uni Pavia also contributes to WP4 in relation to Task 2.5, and WP6 in relation to WP7.

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